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Delta Group, LLC is expert in the design, installation and testing of communications cables. With over 10 years of knowledge and expertise in all areas of cabling and telecommunications, this specialization affords us the ability to offer the highest quality products and services at the most cost-effective rates.


Why Structured Cabling?

A well-designed cabling infrastructure can pay for itself many times over its lifetime. Good decisions today can eliminate costly re-cabling and troubleshooting in the future.

Since 1999, Delta Group, LLC has designed and installed your applications and designed infrastructures that are customized for you. Your cable solution will eliminate the frustration of poor network performance or downtime.

By applying total project management to each job, Delta Group, LLC ensures a top-quality finished project. Your project manager oversees every step of the installation; working with your scheduling requirements while minimizing disruptions at your facility. Leviton certified installers complete all cabling installations and are compliant by having a State issued Low Voltage license.


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